Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Panasonic Breadmaker - FAQ's

Q :Can I use other recipes in my Panasonic Breadmaker ?
A:Yes- the most important thing is to make sure the ingredient quantities
are in the same ratio.

Q:Can I replace dry milk with fresh milk in my Panasonic Breadmaker
recipe ?
A:Yes-Scald and cool the milk before adding to the bread pan.Do not add water
and use the same volume of milk.Do not use fresh milk if using the Preset Timer cycle.The bread will have a heavier texture.

Q:Can I use butter or margarine instead of oil in my Panasonic Breadmaker
recipe ?
A:Yes-The crumb texture will be finer and more yellow in color.

Q:What can I use instead of sugar in my Panasonic Breadmaker
recipe ?
A:Brown sugar, honey or golden syrup.Reduce the volume of water by the
same amount when using liquid sweeteners.

Q:Can I omit salt from my Panasonic Breadmaker
recipe ?
A:This is not recommended as salt plays an important role in the bread making
cycle.It affects gluten development,yeast fermentation and the water
absorption of the dough.Salt also helps improve the crumb texture, the loaf shape structure and crust color.It is also important in improving the shelf life of the bread and enhancing the bread flavor.

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