Monday, July 6, 2009

How To Get Great Results From Your Bread Makers

Bread makers are a modern day convenience that can turn baking bread from something viewed as hard to do into something easy and pleasurable. To avoid some of the common mistakes when using bread makers, follow some of my tips to create sensational,healthy bread that tastes wonderful.

It is essential that the correct kind of flour is used.Bread flour contains more protein than all purpose flour.This creates stronger, light and fluffy textured loaves that rise higher.Using the wrong flour will produce harder, crustier bread .

Adding 2 teaspoons of rye flour for every cup of flour you use in the recipe will stop the tops of the bread from having a wrinkled top and make it look better.

Adding ingredients in the right order to bread makers is imperative.Either pour all your liquids into the machine first, then add the solids, then the yeast. Or you can do it in reverse, by first adding the yeast, then the solids, then all your liquids. This prevents moisture activating the yeast before the bread has even started cooking.

Water should be room temperature.Cold water won't activate the yeast preventing the bread from rising and baking properly.Hot water will speed up the yeast too much causing the bread to rise too quickly and overcook.If very hot water is used it will completely kill the yeast.

Refer to the bread makers manual often as it is a great source of tips and info for using the bread makers to produce the best tasting bread ever.

Use a surge protector between the bread machine and the wall, as bread machines are very sensitive to voltage fluctuations which can damage to the bread makers programming.

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