Saturday, July 18, 2009

Panasonic Bread Machine- More FAQ's

Q :What happens if I don't remove the bread immediately from my Panasonic Bread Machine
at the end of the baking cycle?
A:The bread will be kept warm for 60 iminutes on the Basic,French,Sweet and Wholewheat cycles. The loaf will release steam which can cause the crust to soften and also affect the shape of the loaf.

Q:Why has my bread failed to rise in my Panasonic Bread Machine ?
A: Several factors can cause this.Is the protein level of the flour high enough?
Make sure the yeast is fresh and in date.Check the correct measurement of yeast has been used and that it has been added to the bread pan.

Q:Why does my bread have large holes?
A:This can occur when a large air bubble becomes trapped in the dough
during the final rising and is baked in this state.

Q:Why does the top of my bread collapse in my Panasonic Bread Machine ?
A:Too much yeast or fluid ingredients or too little flour, can cause the top of
the bread to be pale or to collapse.

Q:Why does the color of my bread sometimes vary in my Panasonic Bread Machine ?
A:Different ingredients in each recipe can change the color of the bread and
the crust.It is also dependent on the crust cycle selected.

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